Saturday, August 12, 2017



This annual event is designed to showcase the airport, its contributions to the local communities, surrounding businesses and potential growth potential available. Also to invite families for a close up personal tour with world class entertainment.


1. FREE TO ATTEND! Come out and enjoy this wonderful community event!

2. Need a 10 x10 Vendor Booth?

     $50.00 BEFORE June 15th.

     $60.00 AFTER June 15th.

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3. Become a Sponsor! We have six levels of Sponsorship to choose from... events like this rely on Sponsors and are grateful for each and every one! Thank you!

4. Interested in being a Food Vendor?

     Food Truck Fee $100 BEFORE June 15th. 

     Tent Fee $60 BEFORE June 15th.

     Food Truck Fee $150 AFTER June 15th.

     Tent Fee $75 AFTER June 15th.

Economic Impact


Economic Impact of Erie Municipal Airport for Erie and Community

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Division of Aeronautics publishes their findings of airport specific economic impact for their nearby communities. In 1998, CDOT’s report indicated Erie had a positive economic impact of $3,395,200, which indicated total earnings of $936,000, and a total of 42 jobs. By 2008, CDOT reported Erie Airport’s total impact of $12,224,700, with total earnings of $4,345,300, and a total of 160 jobs.




  • Expand the retail/commercial business base of the Town of Erie.
  • Provide the opportunity for Erie residents to pursue meaningful employment within their community.
  • Create an environment that facilitates quality development, and starting, expanding and operating a business.
  • Build the reputation of the Town of Erie as a quality location for living, business and employment.